My FAVORITE podcast!!

I could listen to K-Town’s voice all day long! I really appreciate all the research and effort that goes into the unique delivery of these disturbing stories. So happy to see the new posts and can’t wait to hear them!! :)

I’m a fan

I love the stories and appreciate all the hard work put into making this a great podcast.

Loving this podcast

I LOVE this podcast! I just wish K-Town had more episodes🥺

Love it

KTown! Where have you been?! I got SO excited when I saw this new episode!


It’s so scary!!! I love this podcast!!!!! It gives me chills and thrills!!! It made me start seeing things that can’t explain😂🤣❤️‍🔥☪️⚠️


Please do more! Your narration is absolutely perfect. I get creeped out every episode and I love it. I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who likes to get scared.


Your content was great. Please do more?

Ktown is amazing

Oh my god I don’t even know how to describe how great this podcast is!! Everything about this is great! I reallly hope you keep making more!

Great content

Was hooked after a few podcasts

Love ktown

I love ktown! I listen to several podcasts that ktown is in and I love them all. I like the different aspects of stories that we get.

Great Podcast

Enjoyed every story! Even listened to stories I’ve never heard of! I’ve put some many people on this podcast as I enjoyed listening to the stories again! Where are you K-Town!! We need more stories!!! —YouThinkYouTuff

Give it a chance!

Stumbled on to this podcast by accident but I’m soo glad that I did! The stories are interesting, the narrator is captivating (once you get used to the pace of the show) and it’s the perfect length. Definitely recommend!

Love this!

Love listening to this all day- working, cooking, doing laundry. I appreciate the variety of topics with just enough, but not too much info. True crime fascinated me and you definitely provide a new cases on your podcast. Keep up the great work!

Fast and to the point!

It took me a minute to get used to her voice but not I love it. There isn’t 30 minutes of banter she gets right to the stories and tells all of the gory details. I might have a new favorite!!

Great Voice!!

Great storyteller,interesting content…sounds like Stuck In the 80’s caller Six!!


I’m a truck driver. New to podcasts and this was one of the first I subscribed to. I started binge listening to this one! WHY did I park and sleep at the EVANSVILLE WYOMING REST AREA where some of the murders took place?! Lol WHY do I happen to stop and sleep at some of the rest areas and truck stops in the podcast! I LOVE LOVE the voice of K town! CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!

Great Study Buddy

I love the Host K-town and the was she presents her content. Her voice is a fantastic companion during long nights studying. Be prepared for the macabre. 🖤

Love this podcast

Fantastic storytelling.

Love this


Love it!

Great delivery and amazing stories. You haven’t heard most of these, I guarantee. Turn out the lights and K Town will be sure to creep you out. Check out her other Podcasts.


LOVE K-TOWN!! She is the absolute best in the game

1st Place

the first podcast i ever listened to and still the best! At 68 years old I didn’t think anything could shock or scare me anymore, but you surprise me every week with your smooth voice & chilling stories!! Thank you, grandma Jan


Different kind of podcast! I love K Town. Good storytelling just enough information to keep things exciting, multiple cases on each podcast. My only complaint is that you don't come out with a weekly episode

Loving This!!!

I recently discovered this gem & I'm loving every episode!!!


Best podcast I have listened to and I've listened to many. Her delivery is spectacular. The content is compelling and terrifying. I just love her. Can't wait to hear more.


Ktown is such an amazing storyteller! Can’t wait for more!👻

Miss the X-Podcast

The old show was incredibly original and had a simply amazing variety of topics, into which K-Town delved deep with a delivery that only she can present! This isn’t that show. It is however, perhaps still better than mysterious radio, which has tired topics, with the least believable array of oddball cranks hoping to market their latest books. K-Town, come back! You are an incredible talent, and that content is missed! I’m sure people will still love your new stuff, but if they only knew how good the old stuff was...

Excellent podcast

I love the stories! Keep them coming please. I’m now hooked.

I Love the Format

I am an avid podcast listener and I prefer horror and true crime. This podcast provides both. I am always frustrated when narrators banter with other people and have side discussions during the story, rather than focusing on the story. This format is simple and I love that it is just your voice and the story. Thank you and I look forward to future productions.

Great Podcast

Enjoyed every story! Even listened to stories I’ve never heard of!

You’ve got a new fan!!!!

Wow I find your podcast, so interesting and intriguing. Please do not doing what you’re doing. I have subscribed and I hope you continue to produce more content. Thank you so much!!!!

Pretty wild and entertaining

This podcast is one of the few that has stories and history and unique details/facts not heard on any other podcasts. The host is a natural for this kind of dark brooding content. Great production. The stories are over the top (in a good way) while the host never goes over the top like some do. Zero banter too.

I really like this podcast

One request please release vampire serial killers and vile minds

Great podcast!

I’m so glad I found your podcast. Very entertaining with stories I’ve never heard of.

I’m addicted!

Love Love Love this podcast! Best one I have found! Can’t get enough! Can’t wait for more! Thank you!

Fantastic podcast

This podcast is amazing!!! Great narration, spooky vibes, the background music is creepy!! It's hard to creep me out, and when I listen to this podcast I'm looking over my shoulder!!!

I am Obsessed with this podcast!!!

I love K Town's voice. Very soothing, yet has that right amount of suspense. I love how she tells these stories, and pays attention to details that keeps one's ears peeled, and chills sent down the spine. I can't get enough of these stories! Keep up the great work and thank you for your stellar podcast!

Best. Podcast. Ever.

THE perfect voice! This podcast give me the chills. This is by far the best podcast out there! Keep up the awesome work that you do!!

Love this podcast

I enjoy listening to your podcast and repeating it, as it’s short and clean it doesn’t include any unnecessary details. Keep u the good job!

I think the narrator is far superior to others

Great alternative to dateline. I don’t know why everyone is criticizing the narrator. I’ve gone to podcasts and I’ve had two crazy women one screaming the other one giggling while talking about serial killers! Really? This narrator is great.

5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So happy to find this podcast. It’s perfect. It’s getting harder to find some thing that just put the facts out there without a bunch of filler.. I wish you many years of success !!

Love this podcast

K Town your the best!


I love K Town. Love this podcast! The way she reads it is creepy but she throws a little humorous jab in sometimes. Great podcast!

I love this !

Ktown is so bomb ! I’m hooked ! I don’t listen to the music anymore just murder mystery podcast ! Keep them coming ! I’m a fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it. Just wish she’d would slow down

I really like this podcast. My only thing is I wish she would slow down in telling it. Give a little pause in between the stories so they don’t all run together. Once in A while she’ll say something showing her humor. I wish she would add a little bit more of that. Great work giving us new stories we Haven’t heard before.


I love her podcast we are a family affected by the derecho in Iowa we have been without power for 9 days and expecting another 4. This podcast has been great to listen to and get us through it all love her voice and stories amazing keep it up...... kim

I really like this podcast

It’s truly creepy love the serial killer episode this is a must listen if you are into horror


Truly enjoy listening to this podcast! K-town is great.

Stories about True Crime

Incredibly enjoyable crime stories, with goosebumps included.


This podcast is AMAZING!! K Town asks all the right questions during an interview and allows the guest time to answer. Always interesting!! I look forward to hearing all that is to come with this podcast. ~Missy

All episodes in 2019 are PATREON ONLY...

I love the idea of your show, amazing guests and very interesting. However, (this is probably childhood stuff LOL), but to list an entire year of shows and every single one is only available to people who pay you, really?? You couldn’t throw us poor folk a bone? Don’t get me wrong, of course you should be paid, but the way I feel rejected and not included brings back horrible memories and I cannot even stop typing long enough to listen to the show! I have never felt this way over a podcast, I hope that you guys reflect on how all your choices affect your listeners. Good luck and hope you all love and prosperity! Shelli

Yes yes yes!

Love this, love you, thank you for what you do!

Love this Podcast!

Every episode is interesting and well informed! Sound quality is good and the interviews/questions asked leave you satisfied and looking forward to the next one!


Awesome podcast! Love every episode


Super obsessed with the way you narrate and the sounds... very chilling effect to the narrations 👍🏽 please please post more recordings! Very well produced podcast! One of my absolute favorites! Thank you KTown

Great Podcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the Ktown’s voice and the background music. It really creates a sense of tension. I was a long time listener of the X Podcast. What I love about both is she just gets to the story...doesn’t mess around a ton of intro and update. I like the interview format of this one, it’s very engaging and Ktown asks great questions.


I love what you did with this show. That was brilliant. Thank you for everything you do. Ignacio Mota

My favorite crime show

From the people that brought us my favorite mystery show now brings my favorite crime show. Been here since it was the X podcast. Love the new format

Love It!

I always look forward to another episode. Love the content and the stories. Been a fan for a long time.! K-town gets me through my workday!

Seven and Mysterious Radio

I love both of these podcast . I love the creepy sound effects and K-Towns voice. Thanks for your hard work.

a real gem!

this podcast is really interesting! the haunted paintings episode was really freaky. i enjoy both the older, shorter episodes, and the newer ones with author interviews. i love k-town’s voice but sometimes in trying to add “dramatic” flair, their cadence is a little off and the phrasing becomes disjointed. every sentence. sounds. like this. it can be. very. distracting.

Love love love this podcast!!

Ktown you’re amazing!! Your voice is so fun to listen to. Love that I can get a small dose of creepy everyday;)

Awesome love this

This is such a good podcast, I always want to hear a new story and listen to the old ones over and over.

Best of the Best podcasts

New to podcasts (I’m old school) and found Ktown and she is fantastic! Her voice draws you in, topics are what I want to listen too, guests are awesome. Keep doing all the different podcasts and I’ll keep following you!

Best podcast ever

Word cant describe. Your voice the facts the story telling it’s amazing it get me true long nights at work and when im doing paper work i just have the Episodes on repeat its that Good!!!


I don’t know what to say, really...other than “Wow”! This could be the best true crime podcast I have ever heard. The host is amazing in her interview skills and her guests are top notch. If you are remotely interested in true crime (and history), you cannot miss this one. My new favorite!


Very creepy and interesting. I wish the episodes were longer though. Great show!


Just started listen and love it! Creepy


Thank you for this lovely yet disturbing podcast. I love the content and I love your voice!

Great Podcast!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! K Town has a great voice for telling creepy stories and it actually can freak me out which is hard to do! Please give us more! :)


Seriously creepy content! Not only will this podcast creep you out but K-Town’s voice is hypnotic, I wish I could use her voice on my GPS! Give this podcast a listen and you will be hooked! Love it!

Can’t get enough

Get your creep factor on with this podcast. Love the creepy content, love the creepy music & love K-towns creepy voice (no offense 😊) Keep up the awesome work and more than happy to hear more more and more.


Great podcast! Really enjoy the material! Well researched and covers a lot of things you don’t hear on other shows. I wish the episodes were longer, but still a 5 star podcast.


This podcast and her voice is perfect keep up the great work


Dude the podcast is amazing!! Its spooky and just sounds great. Cant wait to hear more ! ( ◠‿◠ )


Hello, I’m Raven. I’m new to podcast (ultra late bloomer) but this my new addiction. I’m a night owl and after losing interest with tv and YouTube I stumbled upon podcast. Please continue K- town!!!!! You this stern mystique quality to you voice that intensifies the stories you tell. Instant fan and can’t wait for new episodes!!!

Favorite Podcast!

I had been looking for a good podcast to listen to and I found that and much more when I came across yours. I’ve always been interested in dark and creepy stuff, so when I started listening to The X, I couldn’t stop! Thank you for your work! - Jarrod🖤

Truck driver

Great podcast I live listening to it while I’m at work overnight 👍🏿

Great show

Awesome creepy show for horror fans, ktown has the greatest narrator voice ever, very Zelda may Rubinstein, Robert Stack -esque, love it


This podcast is the right kind of scary. I love listening to all the scary spooky stories! Love the voice , and the concept of each episode. This podcast is a must!! keep the episodes coming KTOWN, you go girl!



Stench of death episode

This episode is my favorite so far from this podcast. K-town I love your voice it creates the mystery element perfectly. I also listen to your other podcast mysterious radio and I love that to! You do such an amazing job on each episode. This episode was my favorite because I love NCIS and the story’s you told reminded me about the episodes of serial killers from NCIS. Keep up the amazing work! If you are looking for a podcast to listen to yourself K-Town, check out Claws Coner, I know the person that runs that and it fits nicely with your mo. Love you so much! Good luck!

Fantastic Podcast

This is a fantastic podcast. Perfect length, no fluff, just the super creepy and interesting stories that leaves me looking over my shoulder sometimes. Well done, K-Town!! Please don’t ever stop!!

Best Creepy Podcast

I love listening to The X podcast when I need to relax and unwind. K-town has the best voice for these types of stories.

Favorite podcast 🥰🥰🥰

This is my favorite podcast because it gives me serious chills and it a great podcast! If you are looking for a spook listen to this podcast I would recommend it.

My fav

Keep up the good work this podcast it is so entertaining 👽👽👽

Give us more!!!

I love this podcast! It’s just the right amount of creepy without going overboard, and the stories are so crazy and interesting.

Yes ma’am!

Yaaas Queen! Ktown is my horror/trueCrime sugar mama!

Love it

Talk more about the dark web


I love this podcast! Please please please make the episodes longer because I can’t get enough of your storytelling. Thank you K-Town!

Love it!

By far my favorite podcast! (And I’ve tried a LOT of podcasts) SO glad you are putting out new content!!! Keep them coming!

When Demons Come

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dealt with this. I had to be put on medication because I was literally scared to lay down at night. It is absolutely terrifying. I’ve had auditory and visual hallucinations. It is beyond your wildest nightmares. Laying next to your significant other and not being able to move or scream while watching your partner soundly sleeping all the while not knowing that you are potentially coming face to face with a demon. 😳😳😳😳😳

Interesting and creepy!

I love K-Town’s voice! I appreciate the research you put into the pod.

Great addition

Great to see another K Town podcast!

Good stuff

K-town’s voice is mesmerizing and the subject matter is creepy and interesting. Very enjoyable podcast for both ASMR-style fans and horror/creepy Wikipedia fans.


Awesome podcast it keeps me going through out my work day keep up the awesome work


Such an awesome creepy podcast. Your voice makes it that much better! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!

I love this podcast

This is hands down my favorite spooky/true-crime podcast. So good and so so creepy! The episodes about the dark web are my fav and I think about it contstently.

Good, Scary Content :)

If you like being spooked, this will definitely live up to your expectations. Stories are creepy and disturbing! Perfect if you like to be spooked ! Listeners beware. Not for the faint of heart. :) thank you for this awesome podcast!


Super creepy but I love the story’s!

Really wish there were more

Love The X podcast and have listened to them all in one sitting. I like that they are true events. Great s voice and really good story reading too. I just really wish there were more of them to listen to. Thanks

Too scary!

I listened to part of one episode and ... nope! Too real. If you want creepy... you got it!

First episode is very good!

The first episode is highly enjoyable, something about a combination of the voice and tone makes it very creepy.

Favorite Podcast

I’m not really a huge podcast listener... this is the ONLY podcast I can get into. First of all, the person talking has the PERFECT voice for these kinds of stories and I can listen to them talk all day. Second, the stories are always intriguing and attention grabbing. Favorite podcast for road trips. 👻

Amazing, but short..

I love the information I love the hostess I love the podcast Hate the shortness Otherwise amazing

Love it

Please come out with new episodes.

I like the Voice!

From reading other reviews, you either like the narrator’s voice or hate it. I think it adds to the creepy tone of the stories, so I like it. It’s the scariest true crime podcast I listen to!


Love the stories they are so dark. Even thought hey are true it does help plot some new stories


Fantastic pls make more

Not enough!!!

MORE PLEASE...!!!!!! 😬

Love it!!

Love this podcast just wished there were more and came out more often

The Pac-Man ghost podcast

Super interesting, even better narration.

The x podcast

The x podcast is very interesting and true I have only listen to one episode and I’m already heard on the podcast I would suggest the first episode. It’s the best one

Unsettling and entertaining

The stories are told in such a way that it’s hard to pick my jaw up off the floor most times. K Town really brings the most unique stories to the surface that were otherwise buried.


I love this podcast i wish there was more but I like the horror not to much but not to little just right


i spent forever trying to find a good scary podcast— this is the one

Great Podcast

Great Podcast for True Crime Horror Fans! Just wish there were more frequent entries.

Shout out!

Shout out!


Give me a shout out because this is the best podcast can you reed this hole thing in this next podcast

More information desired

I know that these are suppose to be short and. Sweet (they are) but there are certain stories that totally leave you hanging... like the road rage episode where he shot the guy four or five times and then the charges were dropped? What happened there? A little more information for scenarios like that would be much appreciated. Other than that, great work! Love the podcast it’s very chilling and satisfies the dark side of humanity we find ourselves fascinated by.


Very nice podcast and easy to listen to. Love this podcast soo much it’s my favorite. They get straight to the point and explain well. 👍🏻❤️


I absolutely LOVE this podcast and I’m always eager to hear the latest episode!


Wow really is all I can say K-Town. You’re a podcast prodigy that has managed to create a story telling show like nothing I’ve EVER heard. Creepy, scary, unnerving and unmatched. Every other podcast of this sort sounds like an audiobook and K-Town you’re doing it the best!

Unique Substance

Interesting story telling substance! It is to the point, no fluff, only well chosen info delivered efficiently!

Podcast Review

Someone recommended this podcast to me and I can honestly say that it’s the scariest podcast I’ve ever heard the stories are chilling and the way they are told detail by detail makes me get the chills, I’ve heard all of them and they are all great this is literally my number 1 favorite can’t wait to see more of these 👍 definitely going to recommend it to others

More episodes please

I wish there were episodes more frequently I really enjoy this podcast


This podcast is weird but I can’t dislike it 😂 I love her creepy voice


This podcast is insane!!! I totally recommend it if you like lore...

Fully functional brain

I really like it! Her “monotone” voice sounds fine to me. I’m looking for a story, not a reenactment. She doesn’t speak too fast for me at all. I’m listening, while playing a game on my phone and still have no problem catching everything she says.


Just what I was looking for. Straight to the story. Thank you!!

So goooooood

The narrators voice is smoother than sex!


I enjoy the podcast. I know there a lot of reviews that critique the narration, but I don’t mind K-Town’s delivery. I think it’s unique and adds to the atmosphere. The shorter episodes also fit in well with my schedule—I like to throw them in between longer podcast episodes or play them while I’m driving home late at night from work.

Creepy disturbing events

Bizarre interesting story telling, can't wait for the next episode. One of my favorite podcast.

Too amazing for words!

Honestly, everything about this podcast is FANTASTIC! The narrators voice is chilling yet somewhat warm, the content is chilling, and and the background music sets the mood. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, adore this podcast! I really recommend it to any horror fans, and I hope this channel grow so much more! Cheers Love! XOXO Briar


Host has a creepy voice which adds to the chills.

Tales for those interested in the macabre

Like the warnings say this podcast is not for the faint of heart. They leave no grisly detail out of their stories and bring the true horror right to your phone. You will be left with goosebumps and a new look on those around you.

One of my favorite podcasts!

K-Town narrates this perfectly. She really sets the tone. Looking forward to more podcasts from you guys!

Love the X-Podcast! K-Town is the best host!

I wish each episode were longer, as well. That’s my only complaint. Creepy, well-researched brief tales of terror and mystery. I love it! Keep it up, K-Town! We X-Podites(?) appreciate you! Maybe we need a fandom name? :)

I loved it!

I loved your podcast, but when you started the commercial I thought you were going to stay, “I have a friend and she’s pretty curvy, she doesn’t have that problem anymore because she found stitch fix. This is a technique in which the criminal is attached to a tree and the hips are cut off. This provides a skinny, model look.”

Great show, not enough

I love this podcast and the way the host reads/presents but you need a more consistent uploading schedule. What is the schedule btw?


I love the x podcast voice . Interesting stories I hope in the future there are more .


Please do these at least weekly! They are outstanding!!!


I listen to them all in one day!! I can’t get enough

So interesting

Can’t wait to hear more. Love the details and your voice is perfect for it.


The narrators voice is hauntingly beautiful and interesting, making for an intensely interesting listen about intensely interesting content. Love this pod

Love this podcast

I love this podcast so much. Wish the episodes were longer!

Great podcast

Came over from mysterious radio and I enjoy both podcast...


Juicio myvibhu mucho

Great podcast

Short but great


Keep it going, and maybe make new ones that are longer. I enjoy listening to them, and are usually upset when they are done. Your work is much appreciated

Lol oh sh**

....that’s all I could say after hearing every detail one by one... either “oh my gawd” or “oooooh sh**!”. One advice: please include some breaks between information because not only does it lead to Information Overload, but we can’t absorb what we just heard. Otherwise, excellent Podcast!!!!

But why?

I don’t know what it is, and I read some of the negative comments, but I REALLY like K-Town’s delivery. It has grown on me and I look forward to new episodes.

Great podcast

Great podcast wish the shoes were longer

Host uses some kind of mechanical voice technology which sounds awful

The subjects of this podcast and the research are good. The big problem is that the host has read the episode into some type of mechanical voice device causing the voice to sound ROBOTIC. All intonation is lacking. Why this is being done beats me. The same host uses his or her real voice or ads and there’s nothing wrong with that voice.


Totally scared me lol I’m a grown adult and it still made me feel weird inside

Enjoyable listen

What can I say, I like K-town’s voice.

I love this show so much

I love this show so much

Keep ‘em coming!

Short and creepy-sweet tales that leave you wanting more. Yes, the delivery/narration is different than many other podcasts I tend to follow, but after an episode or two, I am hooked. The stories are no-nonsense and to the point, which I think adds to the creepiness. I find myself intrigued by K-Town’s stories and inspired to dig up more of the dirty details on each tale. Looking forward to more weirdness from The X Podcast!

X Podcast

Awesome show!! Wish they were longer than 20min.

Love this podcast!!!

Very creepy, scary!!!


I love your voice. I can’t wait for more.


I love these stories, they are a good length for my commute and at this time of year they set a creepy mood!

Intriguing podcast!

I was browsing for supernatural podcasts and I discovered this. I have an interest in the supernatural and this podcast is really intriguing. Great to listen to on the drive home or while cleaning the house! I like listening to stories of doppelgängers, paranormal activities, spirits, etc,.


Very chilling!! The episodes about the deep web gave me goosebumps!

I love K Town and her voice !!

She is the best story teller ! Awesome and interesting stories! Both podcasts are the BEST

Holy crap.

This podcast is actually really freaking creepy!!! Love it!

Amazing podcast

I literally can’t wait for K-Town to drop another installment!

Hey, This is Pretty Good

Chilling and absolutely amazing to listen to in the background.

Pay to listen

Was an amazing show! While it lasted of course. Now you are required to pay a monthly fee in order to hear stuff that is already free to everyone. Shame on you. Once again, the world proves its all about that dollar!


Great show! But haven’t heard a full episode in a while. Show is only available to patreon members? Not sure what’s going on.

Cabin in the woods

Listening right now in a lake cabin deep in the north woods of WI on vacation with my teen twins. It’s storming and we just lost power. Perfect lol. We are loving the scary stories, and your delivery! Creepy

Respect for my creepy-ness

Thank you. Well done. Awesome attitude and voice

Scariest Podcast!!!

Love the presentation of the podcast!!! We need more!!!

I’m addicted

This podcast is amazing, I love how different and how in depth it goes into the paranormal/conspiracy world. It’s awesome!

Great for freaks!

If you find scary and haunted stuff fascinating, than this is the right place. I binged a lot of this while on a 13 hour road trip!

We Need More !!!

I really like this show I just wish that K-Town posted more,. I was so hooked when I heard the first episodes and I’m like an anxious wreck waiting on new episodes it’s kinda like when you find a good TV show then only find out there’s 3-4 episodes per seasons it’s driving me crazy. Post more please post more we are begging you

Great podcast

Very very interesting topics. Although I’d like longer episodes than 15 minutes. 5 stars tho


Love this! I listen to this in the early hours of the morning and it makes me so scared!

Love the eeriness of this show!

I love how this show gives me a lot of suspense and the stories always leave my imagination wandering.

Short and sweet

Extremely creepy, well researched and interesting. Some of these episodes will stay with you. I listen to unexplained, lore, and astonishing Legends. All offering a slightly different tone on this Genre. But this is my favorite. Great job. Please make more.

Love this podcast

I love this show. I wish it was a little longer but still really good

Short and sweet

Perfect for people on the go that want chilling stories

Creepy and awesome

Love the voice, love the format, love the stories.

Creepier Than Ghost Adventures?!?

What the heck?!? This is so creepy it makes Ghost Adventures seem like a kids show!


I really enjoy this podcast just wish it was a bit longer.


I love it i just keep listening to it on repeat


Love the story telling and topics!


It good

Love the Show!

I was looking for a horror/scary story podcast and this is the only one I clicked on and I’m hooked!

Unique podcast

If you are looking for something different from other true crime podcasts this is a really unique one. She delves into scary and interesting subjects that are not talked about much. Her deep voice makes listening to the stories more interesting in my opinion.

best podcast ever, but

This is one of my favourite podcasts out there. The host has a good voice for the creepy side of it. But, are you still making episodes? In your last podcast, you said you were going to start making podcasts like every week. But that was like two months ago, so...just wondering.

I don’t know what happen

Listen to all episodes and she just disappeared...


K-town can make anything sound creepy, in a good way! I just am waiting for more...


One of the very best scary podcasts available. Listen. I’m sure you will agree. All of the seven episodes out now are first-rate. More, please!

Episodes need to be longer...

As for all the haters talking about the narrator’s pauses and affect—reminds me of how I could not STAND Lore podcast’s Aaron Mahnke’s style of narration at first and suddenly I was hooked on his voice alone. It’s unique. You be you. I enjoyed the style as much as the stories, just want the eps to be longer, please. :)

X Podcast

K-Town has a way with words when doing her shows, but the last 3 podcasts I listened to had no interviews, just short recounts of doppelgängers, and a segment on the Deep/Dark web. All very good listens, but they were awfully short. Looking forward to more shows.