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Seriously awesome

K Town is a great host and storyteller. Keep up the great work and content!


This is an amazing podcast. The voice, the material, the scarceness. It is amazing it gets me through the day

Absolutely Amazing!

I stumbled across your podcast when I saw there was a new episode this week. I thought I’d give it a try and man am I glad I did! Excellent content and great narration! Quick and to the point! I binged every episode the past few days and I can’t wait for more!

You’re Back!

This is an interesting podcast that often features rather obscure cases. Always exciting when a new episode drops.

Awesome and Spooky!

Love how the story gets straight to the point and love K-Towns voice! Hopefully more episodes to come!!!

Spot On

K-Town has the perfect voice, intriguing background sounds, captivating stories that make you want more. So I plugged into all her podcasts! She’s just what I had been looking for.


This is my FAVORITE podcast! Nothing comes close to this! I’m obsessed! Come back!

Best podcast

K-Town I hope you see this! We love your podcasts and you have the best stories. 👏🏻

5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So happy to find this podcast. It’s perfect. It’s getting harder to find some thing that just put the facts out there without a bunch of filler.. I wish you many years of success !! WHERE HAVE YOU GONE K-TOWN?? NO NEW EPISODES!!!!! PLEASE RETURN!!!!!!

Absolutely scary

I love love love your podcast! It’s the voice for me! Keep up the scary work!

My FAVORITE podcast!!

I could listen to K-Town’s voice all day long! I really appreciate all the research and effort that goes into the unique delivery of these disturbing stories. So happy to see the new posts and can’t wait to hear them!! :)

I’m a fan

I love the stories and appreciate all the hard work put into making this a great podcast.

Loving this podcast

I LOVE this podcast! I just wish K-Town had more episodes🥺

Love it

KTown! Where have you been?! I got SO excited when I saw this new episode!


It’s so scary!!! I love this podcast!!!!! It gives me chills and thrills!!! It made me start seeing things that can’t explain😂🤣❤️‍🔥☪️⚠️


Please do more! Your narration is absolutely perfect. I get creeped out every episode and I love it. I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who likes to get scared.


Your content was great. Please do more?

Ktown is amazing

Oh my god I don’t even know how to describe how great this podcast is!! Everything about this is great! I reallly hope you keep making more!

Great content

Was hooked after a few podcasts

Love ktown

I love ktown! I listen to several podcasts that ktown is in and I love them all. I like the different aspects of stories that we get.

Great Podcast

Enjoyed every story! Even listened to stories I’ve never heard of! I’ve put some many people on this podcast as I enjoyed listening to the stories again! Where are you K-Town!! We need more stories!!! —YouThinkYouTuff

Give it a chance!

Stumbled on to this podcast by accident but I’m soo glad that I did! The stories are interesting, the narrator is captivating (once you get used to the pace of the show) and it’s the perfect length. Definitely recommend!

Love this!

Love listening to this all day- working, cooking, doing laundry. I appreciate the variety of topics with just enough, but not too much info. True crime fascinated me and you definitely provide a new cases on your podcast. Keep up the great work!

Fast and to the point!

It took me a minute to get used to her voice but not I love it. There isn’t 30 minutes of banter she gets right to the stories and tells all of the gory details. I might have a new favorite!!

Great Voice!!

Great storyteller,interesting content…sounds like Stuck In the 80’s caller Six!!


I’m a truck driver. New to podcasts and this was one of the first I subscribed to. I started binge listening to this one! WHY did I park and sleep at the EVANSVILLE WYOMING REST AREA where some of the murders took place?! Lol WHY do I happen to stop and sleep at some of the rest areas and truck stops in the podcast! I LOVE LOVE the voice of K town! CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!

Great Study Buddy

I love the Host K-town and the was she presents her content. Her voice is a fantastic companion during long nights studying. Be prepared for the macabre. 🖤

Love this podcast

Fantastic storytelling.

Love this


Love it!

Great delivery and amazing stories. You haven’t heard most of these, I guarantee. Turn out the lights and K Town will be sure to creep you out. Check out her other Podcasts.