The x podcast

Rules !!!!! I love the slow, controlled delivery, it feels scripted and heavy and menacing!!

Creepy as heck

K-town has the best voice for this. Awesome work. Will be a regular listener.

Really creepy!

Wow. Definitely one to listen to with the lights off, under the covers. K-Town really delivers! -ROJ, True Crime Historian

Hacking hubbies review

I love listening to this new podcast and the other called mysterious radio! I can’t wait to hear the next shows to come! #1bri<3

Love Love This!!!!

I love your voice K-Town!!! You do the best job of any show like this I’ve ever heard. Keep this going please!!! 10stars!!!!!!!!


Love it! Keep creeping me out, please.


How the host reads. I imagine several .... between every word 😂


I don't like that show MAMA!!! Talk about whining cry baby syndrome!!! I'm revamping my review because I CAN'T STAND NEGATIVITY!!! (PATHETIC F****** SOULS) I say to anyone if you can do better then DO IT!!!! Podcasters take time to entertain us and I'm sick of seeing these marons take jabs at these good people for something THEY'RE NOT CAPABLE OF DOING AND TOO STUPID TO APPRECIATE!!!! I've never felt a need to lash out about any show on here. This is a great show for those that can appreciate it and want to hear some seriously creepy stories by an awesome narrator. Bravo K-Town and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!

Good short stories

Short eps of short stories, good for a quick scare on the go

Don’t listen at night!

I listen to podcasts at night, but NEVER this once since episode 1!!! I wait for a sunny pleasant day when my family will be nearby. And then listen to perky happy music for an hour to calm myself down...


This is an amazing podcast k town love your work.


Good stories.....


This is an amazing podcast, love the topics it covers


I listened to the first episode and I’m hooked! Very creepy stories that made my jaw drop. I’m looking forward to listen to more!

Fantastic creepiness

I love these short creepy stories! I can't wait to hear more.


Really loving this podcast. Host is a great story teller. Love the spooky factor in this show!!

Has good potential

This show has really good content, however the delivery is very William Shatner-esque. With bursts. Of words. Instead. Of sentences.


Nice, just wish they we longer

What I have been looking for.

Most “scary” podcasts don’t give me the creeps. This one does, and it’s all in the delivery of the host who is awesome. Host reminds me of a possessed Mitch Hedberg, but it works. Please keep this going and add length to the episodes.


Seriously the most f’ed up episode I have ever heard. And I can’t wait for more to be released. Love it!!

The x

I got to listen to the first episode and Ktown has a new great podcast. She is a awesome host and story teller

Creepy AF

Creeped out from episode 1. Excited for what’s to come.

Legit goosebumps

I find myself preferring this over mysterious radio. Short and sweet. Oh so creepy. KTown does a great job delivering these stories. Can’t wait for more.

Shivers are still running up and down my spine

K-Towns rich and sultry voice narrating some creepy and disturbing stories is utterly spine-tingling. Best horror host. Keep these coming! This is EXACTLY the kind of material I'm looking for to scary the crap outta me. Nothing else like it!


This is a truly awesome show!


K-town you are amazing. Thank you for another great podcast.

Already hooked!

I had the privilege of being able to hear this podcast with the very first episode and immediately hit the subscribe button. K-Town is an incredible host, and I really like the shorter format which fits perfectly into my busy schedule. -- Darren Marlar (host of "Weird Darkness")

Awesome Show!!!

Wow!! This is a great show for those that like truly creepy stories!!!