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LOVE K-TOWN!! She is the absolute best in the game

1st Place

the first podcast i ever listened to and still the best! At 68 years old I didn’t think anything could shock or scare me anymore, but you surprise me every week with your smooth voice & chilling stories!! Thank you, grandma Jan


Different kind of podcast! I love K Town. Good storytelling just enough information to keep things exciting, multiple cases on each podcast. My only complaint is that you don't come out with a weekly episode

Loving This!!!

I recently discovered this gem & I'm loving every episode!!!


Best podcast I have listened to and I've listened to many. Her delivery is spectacular. The content is compelling and terrifying. I just love her. Can't wait to hear more.


Ktown is such an amazing storyteller! Can’t wait for more!👻

Miss the X-Podcast

The old show was incredibly original and had a simply amazing variety of topics, into which K-Town delved deep with a delivery that only she can present! This isn’t that show. It is however, perhaps still better than mysterious radio, which has tired topics, with the least believable array of oddball cranks hoping to market their latest books. K-Town, come back! You are an incredible talent, and that content is missed! I’m sure people will still love your new stuff, but if they only knew how good the old stuff was...

Excellent podcast

I love the stories! Keep them coming please. I’m now hooked.

I Love the Format

I am an avid podcast listener and I prefer horror and true crime. This podcast provides both. I am always frustrated when narrators banter with other people and have side discussions during the story, rather than focusing on the story. This format is simple and I love that it is just your voice and the story. Thank you and I look forward to future productions.

Great Podcast

Enjoyed every story! Even listened to stories I’ve never heard of!

You’ve got a new fan!!!!

Wow I find your podcast, so interesting and intriguing. Please do not doing what you’re doing. I have subscribed and I hope you continue to produce more content. Thank you so much!!!!

Pretty wild and entertaining

This podcast is one of the few that has stories and history and unique details/facts not heard on any other podcasts. The host is a natural for this kind of dark brooding content. Great production. The stories are over the top (in a good way) while the host never goes over the top like some do. Zero banter too.

I really like this podcast

One request please release vampire serial killers and vile minds

Great podcast!

I’m so glad I found your podcast. Very entertaining with stories I’ve never heard of.

I’m addicted!

Love Love Love this podcast! Best one I have found! Can’t get enough! Can’t wait for more! Thank you!

Fantastic podcast

This podcast is amazing!!! Great narration, spooky vibes, the background music is creepy!! It's hard to creep me out, and when I listen to this podcast I'm looking over my shoulder!!!

I am Obsessed with this podcast!!!

I love K Town's voice. Very soothing, yet has that right amount of suspense. I love how she tells these stories, and pays attention to details that keeps one's ears peeled, and chills sent down the spine. I can't get enough of these stories! Keep up the great work and thank you for your stellar podcast!

Best. Podcast. Ever.

THE perfect voice! This podcast give me the chills. This is by far the best podcast out there! Keep up the awesome work that you do!!

Love this podcast

I enjoy listening to your podcast and repeating it, as it’s short and clean it doesn’t include any unnecessary details. Keep u the good job!

I think the narrator is far superior to others

Great alternative to dateline. I don’t know why everyone is criticizing the narrator. I’ve gone to podcasts and I’ve had two crazy women one screaming the other one giggling while talking about serial killers! Really? This narrator is great.

5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So happy to find this podcast. It’s perfect. It’s getting harder to find some thing that just put the facts out there without a bunch of filler.. I wish you many years of success !!

Love this podcast

K Town your the best!


I love K Town. Love this podcast! The way she reads it is creepy but she throws a little humorous jab in sometimes. Great podcast!

I love this !

Ktown is so bomb ! I’m hooked ! I don’t listen to the music anymore just murder mystery podcast ! Keep them coming ! I’m a fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it. Just wish she’d would slow down

I really like this podcast. My only thing is I wish she would slow down in telling it. Give a little pause in between the stories so they don’t all run together. Once in A while she’ll say something showing her humor. I wish she would add a little bit more of that. Great work giving us new stories we Haven’t heard before.


I love her podcast we are a family affected by the derecho in Iowa we have been without power for 9 days and expecting another 4. This podcast has been great to listen to and get us through it all love her voice and stories amazing keep it up...... kim

I really like this podcast

It’s truly creepy love the serial killer episode this is a must listen if you are into horror


Truly enjoy listening to this podcast! K-town is great.

Stories about True Crime

Incredibly enjoyable crime stories, with goosebumps included.


This podcast is AMAZING!! K Town asks all the right questions during an interview and allows the guest time to answer. Always interesting!! I look forward to hearing all that is to come with this podcast. ~Missy