Love It!

I always look forward to another episode. Love the content and the stories. Been a fan for a long time.! K-town gets me through my workday!

Seven and Mysterious Radio

I love both of these podcast . I love the creepy sound effects and K-Towns voice. Thanks for your hard work.

a real gem!

this podcast is really interesting! the haunted paintings episode was really freaky. i enjoy both the older, shorter episodes, and the newer ones with author interviews. i love k-town’s voice but sometimes in trying to add “dramatic” flair, their cadence is a little off and the phrasing becomes disjointed. every sentence. sounds. like this. it can be. very. distracting.

Love love love this podcast!!

Ktown you’re amazing!! Your voice is so fun to listen to. Love that I can get a small dose of creepy everyday;)

Awesome love this

This is such a good podcast, I always want to hear a new story and listen to the old ones over and over.

Best of the Best podcasts

New to podcasts (I’m old school) and found Ktown and she is fantastic! Her voice draws you in, topics are what I want to listen too, guests are awesome. Keep doing all the different podcasts and I’ll keep following you!

Best podcast ever

Word cant describe. Your voice the facts the story telling it’s amazing it get me true long nights at work and when im doing paper work i just have the Episodes on repeat its that Good!!!


I don’t know what to say, really...other than “Wow”! This could be the best true crime podcast I have ever heard. The host is amazing in her interview skills and her guests are top notch. If you are remotely interested in true crime (and history), you cannot miss this one. My new favorite!


Very creepy and interesting. I wish the episodes were longer though. Great show!


Just started listen and love it! Creepy


Thank you for this lovely yet disturbing podcast. I love the content and I love your voice!

Great Podcast!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! K Town has a great voice for telling creepy stories and it actually can freak me out which is hard to do! Please give us more! :)


Seriously creepy content! Not only will this podcast creep you out but K-Town’s voice is hypnotic, I wish I could use her voice on my GPS! Give this podcast a listen and you will be hooked! Love it!

Can’t get enough

Get your creep factor on with this podcast. Love the creepy content, love the creepy music & love K-towns creepy voice (no offense 😊) Keep up the awesome work and more than happy to hear more more and more.


Great podcast! Really enjoy the material! Well researched and covers a lot of things you don’t hear on other shows. I wish the episodes were longer, but still a 5 star podcast.


This podcast and her voice is perfect keep up the great work


Dude the podcast is amazing!! Its spooky and just sounds great. Cant wait to hear more ! ( ◠‿◠ )


Hello, I’m Raven. I’m new to podcast (ultra late bloomer) but this my new addiction. I’m a night owl and after losing interest with tv and YouTube I stumbled upon podcast. Please continue K- town!!!!! You this stern mystique quality to you voice that intensifies the stories you tell. Instant fan and can’t wait for new episodes!!!

Favorite Podcast!

I had been looking for a good podcast to listen to and I found that and much more when I came across yours. I’ve always been interested in dark and creepy stuff, so when I started listening to The X, I couldn’t stop! Thank you for your work! - Jarrod🖤

Truck driver

Great podcast I live listening to it while I’m at work overnight 👍🏿

Great show

Awesome creepy show for horror fans, ktown has the greatest narrator voice ever, very Zelda may Rubinstein, Robert Stack -esque, love it


This podcast is the right kind of scary. I love listening to all the scary spooky stories! Love the voice , and the concept of each episode. This podcast is a must!! keep the episodes coming KTOWN, you go girl!



Stench of death episode

This episode is my favorite so far from this podcast. K-town I love your voice it creates the mystery element perfectly. I also listen to your other podcast mysterious radio and I love that to! You do such an amazing job on each episode. This episode was my favorite because I love NCIS and the story’s you told reminded me about the episodes of serial killers from NCIS. Keep up the amazing work! If you are looking for a podcast to listen to yourself K-Town, check out Claws Coner, I know the person that runs that and it fits nicely with your mo. Love you so much! Good luck!

Fantastic Podcast

This is a fantastic podcast. Perfect length, no fluff, just the super creepy and interesting stories that leaves me looking over my shoulder sometimes. Well done, K-Town!! Please don’t ever stop!!

Best Creepy Podcast

I love listening to The X podcast when I need to relax and unwind. K-town has the best voice for these types of stories.

Favorite podcast 🥰🥰🥰

This is my favorite podcast because it gives me serious chills and it a great podcast! If you are looking for a spook listen to this podcast I would recommend it.

My fav

Keep up the good work this podcast it is so entertaining 👽👽👽

Give us more!!!

I love this podcast! It’s just the right amount of creepy without going overboard, and the stories are so crazy and interesting.