Love it!!

Love this podcast just wished there were more and came out more often

The Pac-Man ghost podcast

Super interesting, even better narration.

The x podcast

The x podcast is very interesting and true I have only listen to one episode and I’m already heard on the podcast I would suggest the first episode. It’s the best one

Unsettling and entertaining

The stories are told in such a way that it’s hard to pick my jaw up off the floor most times. K Town really brings the most unique stories to the surface that were otherwise buried.


I love this podcast i wish there was more but I like the horror not to much but not to little just right


i spent forever trying to find a good scary podcast— this is the one

Great Podcast

Great Podcast for True Crime Horror Fans! Just wish there were more frequent entries.

Shout out!

Shout out!


Give me a shout out because this is the best podcast can you reed this hole thing in this next podcast

More information desired

I know that these are suppose to be short and. Sweet (they are) but there are certain stories that totally leave you hanging... like the road rage episode where he shot the guy four or five times and then the charges were dropped? What happened there? A little more information for scenarios like that would be much appreciated. Other than that, great work! Love the podcast it’s very chilling and satisfies the dark side of humanity we find ourselves fascinated by.


Very nice podcast and easy to listen to. Love this podcast soo much it’s my favorite. They get straight to the point and explain well. 👍🏻❤️


I absolutely LOVE this podcast and I’m always eager to hear the latest episode!


Wow really is all I can say K-Town. You’re a podcast prodigy that has managed to create a story telling show like nothing I’ve EVER heard. Creepy, scary, unnerving and unmatched. Every other podcast of this sort sounds like an audiobook and K-Town you’re doing it the best!

Unique Substance

Interesting story telling substance! It is to the point, no fluff, only well chosen info delivered efficiently!

Podcast Review

Someone recommended this podcast to me and I can honestly say that it’s the scariest podcast I’ve ever heard the stories are chilling and the way they are told detail by detail makes me get the chills, I’ve heard all of them and they are all great this is literally my number 1 favorite can’t wait to see more of these 👍 definitely going to recommend it to others

More episodes please

I wish there were episodes more frequently I really enjoy this podcast


This podcast is weird but I can’t dislike it 😂 I love her creepy voice


This podcast is insane!!! I totally recommend it if you like lore...

Fully functional brain

I really like it! Her “monotone” voice sounds fine to me. I’m looking for a story, not a reenactment. She doesn’t speak too fast for me at all. I’m listening, while playing a game on my phone and still have no problem catching everything she says.


Just what I was looking for. Straight to the story. Thank you!!

So goooooood

The narrators voice is smoother than sex!


I enjoy the podcast. I know there a lot of reviews that critique the narration, but I don’t mind K-Town’s delivery. I think it’s unique and adds to the atmosphere. The shorter episodes also fit in well with my schedule—I like to throw them in between longer podcast episodes or play them while I’m driving home late at night from work.

Creepy disturbing events

Bizarre interesting story telling, can't wait for the next episode. One of my favorite podcast.

Too amazing for words!

Honestly, everything about this podcast is FANTASTIC! The narrators voice is chilling yet somewhat warm, the content is chilling, and and the background music sets the mood. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, adore this podcast! I really recommend it to any horror fans, and I hope this channel grow so much more! Cheers Love! XOXO Briar


Host has a creepy voice which adds to the chills.

Tales for those interested in the macabre

Like the warnings say this podcast is not for the faint of heart. They leave no grisly detail out of their stories and bring the true horror right to your phone. You will be left with goosebumps and a new look on those around you.

One of my favorite podcasts!

K-Town narrates this perfectly. She really sets the tone. Looking forward to more podcasts from you guys!

Love the X-Podcast! K-Town is the best host!

I wish each episode were longer, as well. That’s my only complaint. Creepy, well-researched brief tales of terror and mystery. I love it! Keep it up, K-Town! We X-Podites(?) appreciate you! Maybe we need a fandom name? :)

I loved it!

I loved your podcast, but when you started the commercial I thought you were going to stay, “I have a friend and she’s pretty curvy, she doesn’t have that problem anymore because she found stitch fix. This is a technique in which the criminal is attached to a tree and the hips are cut off. This provides a skinny, model look.”

Great show, not enough

I love this podcast and the way the host reads/presents but you need a more consistent uploading schedule. What is the schedule btw?