Cabin in the woods

Listening right now in a lake cabin deep in the north woods of WI on vacation with my teen twins. It’s storming and we just lost power. Perfect lol. We are loving the scary stories, and your delivery! Creepy

Respect for my creepy-ness

Thank you. Well done. Awesome attitude and voice

Scariest Podcast!!!

Love the presentation of the podcast!!! We need more!!!

I’m addicted

This podcast is amazing, I love how different and how in depth it goes into the paranormal/conspiracy world. It’s awesome!

Great for freaks!

If you find scary and haunted stuff fascinating, than this is the right place. I binged a lot of this while on a 13 hour road trip!

We Need More !!!

I really like this show I just wish that K-Town posted more,. I was so hooked when I heard the first episodes and I’m like an anxious wreck waiting on new episodes it’s kinda like when you find a good TV show then only find out there’s 3-4 episodes per seasons it’s driving me crazy. Post more please post more we are begging you

Great podcast

Very very interesting topics. Although I’d like longer episodes than 15 minutes. 5 stars tho


Love this! I listen to this in the early hours of the morning and it makes me so scared!

Love the eeriness of this show!

I love how this show gives me a lot of suspense and the stories always leave my imagination wandering.

Short and sweet

Extremely creepy, well researched and interesting. Some of these episodes will stay with you. I listen to unexplained, lore, and astonishing Legends. All offering a slightly different tone on this Genre. But this is my favorite. Great job. Please make more.

Love this podcast

I love this show. I wish it was a little longer but still really good

Short and sweet

Perfect for people on the go that want chilling stories

Creepy and awesome

Love the voice, love the format, love the stories.

Creepier Than Ghost Adventures?!?

What the heck?!? This is so creepy it makes Ghost Adventures seem like a kids show!


I really enjoy this podcast just wish it was a bit longer.


I love it i just keep listening to it on repeat


Love the story telling and topics!


It good

Love the Show!

I was looking for a horror/scary story podcast and this is the only one I clicked on and I’m hooked!

Unique podcast

If you are looking for something different from other true crime podcasts this is a really unique one. She delves into scary and interesting subjects that are not talked about much. Her deep voice makes listening to the stories more interesting in my opinion.

best podcast ever, but

This is one of my favourite podcasts out there. The host has a good voice for the creepy side of it. But, are you still making episodes? In your last podcast, you said you were going to start making podcasts like every week. But that was like two months ago, so...just wondering.

I don’t know what happen

Listen to all episodes and she just disappeared...


K-town can make anything sound creepy, in a good way! I just am waiting for more...


One of the very best scary podcasts available. Listen. I’m sure you will agree. All of the seven episodes out now are first-rate. More, please!

Episodes need to be longer...

As for all the haters talking about the narrator’s pauses and affect—reminds me of how I could not STAND Lore podcast’s Aaron Mahnke’s style of narration at first and suddenly I was hooked on his voice alone. It’s unique. You be you. I enjoyed the style as much as the stories, just want the eps to be longer, please. :)

X Podcast

K-Town has a way with words when doing her shows, but the last 3 podcasts I listened to had no interviews, just short recounts of doppelgängers, and a segment on the Deep/Dark web. All very good listens, but they were awfully short. Looking forward to more shows.

Wheres new episodes? Said 4/29 still none

Where is the new epi? Said on the update that they wld start up again april 29 every sunday night. Still nothing. Great stories. Greatly told. Need more. Edit the update if they rnt coming please.

I’m hooked

Will probably need to listen to something funny after this but I’m freaking hooked already. Binging all of the episodes as we speak.