Awesome show

Can’t wait for new shows! Thanks for this podcast it’s entertaining!!

Informative and chilling

This podcast is great. Definitely keeps you listening. I’m scared to ask where how they farm their resources but so far it’s a great show. Glad to see it’s back, thought it was given the ax for that Internet one. I listen to a lot of podcasts you can get bored at times if the speaker isn’t engaging enough or the content isn’t there. This podcast never disappoints.

I get so wound up

Amazing show, I always look forward to the conversations and topics every time a new podcast comes out!

Favorite Show!

Love this podcast!! Can’t wait for more episodes!!

K Town you’re back!?!?

Yay! I have listened to this podcast and have been anxiously waiting for ,ore episodes! One of my favorite shows! K town is a great speaker and her voice is velvety! Some more spooky stuff!

I want more!

More stories PLEASE!!!

Awesome, chilling episodes!

Can't wait for more episodes of the x podcast! If you want some good, creepy stories, this is a great one to listen to 👍👍👍👍👍

That is scary!

I Listen to it everyday and now I’m scared of the dark!

Fun!!! Scary!!!

I just finished catching up. I really enjoy this podcast! It’s creepy and mysterious. The host has a wonderful voice for this kind of content. The annoying pauses everyone complains about in the reviews greatly improve with time. By the second and third episode I no longer noticed a problem. I did notice this podcast hasn’t updated in a long time :( hopefully it’ll be back! Also this podcast was the first thing that explained what the heck Bitcoin is to me

This podcast is awesome

Great stories, I have to honestly say I was pretty scared listening to this. The readers voice is very eerie


My god I love this podcast but I see the latest episode was back in November?? Please don't let that be a last one......😢

Creepy meets Interesting

This podcast has some interesting content. Definitely ranges from creepy, to spooky, to scary, and everything in between. The narrator’s cadence is amazing, and adds to the atmosphere of the material being read. It’s strange though because I also find her oddly soothing, almost like ASMR. Anyways, would definitely recommend.

Where'd it go?!

The hell happened to you creator? We need more creepiness!


This is the first ever podcast I’ve ever listened to and I’m hooked!! Very unnerving and chilling stories and a fabulous speaking!!!!

Soothing voice

I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes but her voice is soothing yet easy to follow. The episodes are short so they are listenable without a hour or more of a commitment. Interesting.

Truely Creepy Content

I love the way the host presents this truely creepy stuff. Down to earth and intelligent! Keep up the good work my dear!


If you like creepy, and creepy enough to keep you intrigued- Here it is!


Everyday during class I always listen to this show. I love it!

Made my hair stand on end

This podcast is fantastic. Multiple times during each episode I’ve felt my hair stand on end. K town has such a perfect tone of telling these chilling tales. More episodes please!!!

Great podcast

Love talk about the dark web!

Please make more!

Host more of this!

Only on the first episode but...

I think this podcast is really good, man the crazy thing children say these days is just down right creepy.

Stevie, is that you?

Pro: Creepy stuff. Con: The narrator’s voice sounds like wheelchair-bound Stevie from “Malcolm in The Middle.”


🧟‍♂️Really good podcast and unsettling information on the dark web. Doing a good job!! Keep it up! 😁

Please make more!

Fascinating material and a great voice with a sort of spooky delivery that makes me want to keep listening!

Love it!

Ur voice is hypnotizing 💜



Great Content and Host

I just discovered this podcast. I love it! I have to say though I have a hard time listening when no one is home. Gives me the creeps (in a good way lol) K-town has a very soothing voice. Can’t wait for more!

I miss this podcast!

The episode about the dark parts of the Internet really freaked me out. Great podcast, more please!

Just started listening

Wish there were more! I burned through these so fast. Other people comment on the narration pace- I don’t mind at all. The tone is exactly what I was looking for in this type of podcast. Keep them coming!!!