I can’t get enough of stories like this and I love the narrator’s voice. Keep up the good work

More episodes!

Great show! Love it! When will there be more episodes???

Izhe Furreel

Awesome job , keep up the good work

Disturbingly soothing....

The calmness in which the narrator speaks makes this pod disturbing in a weird way. Reminds me of Madd Mike. Glad I found this!

Entertaining and Interesting

I personally love conspiracies and such. However another one of my favorite things is horror. And real horror makes my skin crawl (in the best way possible). Something about the hosts voice is calming, and yet makes me feel like something is gonna get me. (Especially the doppelgänger episode.) All in all, if you want the spook. You get the spook here :)

Pretty good

I don’t usually like these types of narrations, I feel they are really corny but this one is not bad. I feel like Stevie from Malcolm in the middle is telling me scary stories, so that’s a huge +.


Oh my gosh! This podcast hasn’t helped me sleep, but it’s so fun to listen to! Thanks for all these stories and keep ‘em coming!


Awesome show and narration!

Nice tone

The tone in her voice make it even creepier!!! INSANELY creepy content ok

Love it !!

Keep coming back for more. It’s great!


I don't find the delivery off-putting, as many seem to. I appreciate the differences in different hosts' styles, and I don't find that any are deal-breakers, so long as they're easy to hear and understand. The style here is not what I expected, but it would certainly be dull if all my paranormal podcasts sounded the same. I find the theatricality a bit much, personally, but it doesn't decrease my enjoyment of the show at all. It's rather droll, in the best sense of the word, and lightens the otherwise dark nature of the topics. I also enjoy the unique topics- of the 15 or so paranormal podcasts I suscribe too, none have covered the dark web as of yet.

Love it!!!

This podcast is great, it's very scary. Don't listen to it late at night, you might have nightmares.

Can’t wait for more “X"

I listened to the 1st segment of the Internet show. I am a web developer and white hat hacker, digital marketer and internet security person. You are right about the deep web. If you don’t know what you are doing or even if you think you do, I recommend you stay out. Great show!

Mostly LOVE....a little CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

I REALLY DO LOVE MOST OF THIS SHOW!! I Love the stories and creepy content and was a huge fan of K town on Mysterious Radio!! K Town, you have such a great personality, as witnessed when you hosted Mysterious Radio. Let that personality come out in this show please!! Although the content is great your delivery is a little dry on this show. You absolutely have a PERFECT VOICE for creepy stuff, but I'm really not a fan of the dramatic pausing that you've taken up in this show. Other than that, keep up the good work! I'm a fan. Thank you for your service K Town! Props!!


I discovered this podcast and while the episodes are short the narrators voice is so good and the stories are so creepy. If you like lore you will love this podcast

Fantastic , creepy and unsettling !

The good news, all these things are exactly what I was looking for when I subscribed to this podcast. Taking a long drive home back from the Cape to NY, I stumbled upon this gem! Unique and well done!

Groovy podcast

K town did it again. I feel she made an other cool podcast to listen to about things.

I love it

I love this podcast. These stories really put you in the mood!!!

Love this show!

Turns my boring work day into a creepy one! This show is awesome!

Great Podcast

The X Podcast is a great short format show that explores creepy, strange, and/or paranormal topics that cover a wide spectrum from the dark side of daily life to the unexplained. This podcast delivers good content in a short period of time and I would definitely recommend it.


Wicked scary💯

Very well done

Love love love it. Only gripe is that it’s too short! If it was longer it would be absolutely perfect. Love these mysterious and chilling types of podcasts


Love this podcast!


This podcast appeals to me in that a lot of the topics are based on subjects I’ve never heard of.

The x podcast

Rules !!!!! I love the slow, controlled delivery, it feels scripted and heavy and menacing!!

Creepy as heck

K-town has the best voice for this. Awesome work. Will be a regular listener.

Really creepy!

Wow. Definitely one to listen to with the lights off, under the covers. K-Town really delivers! -ROJ, True Crime Historian

Hacking hubbies review

I love listening to this new podcast and the other called mysterious radio! I can’t wait to hear the next shows to come! #1bri<3

Love Love This!!!!

I love your voice K-Town!!! You do the best job of any show like this I’ve ever heard. Keep this going please!!! 10stars!!!!!!!!