Fantastic Podcast

This is a fantastic podcast. Perfect length, no fluff, just the super creepy and interesting stories that leaves me looking over my shoulder sometimes. Well done, K-Town!! Please don’t ever stop!!

Best Creepy Podcast

I love listening to The X podcast when I need to relax and unwind. K-town has the best voice for these types of stories.

Favorite podcast 🥰🥰🥰

This is my favorite podcast because it gives me serious chills and it a great podcast! If you are looking for a spook listen to this podcast I would recommend it.

My fav

Keep up the good work this podcast it is so entertaining 👽👽👽

Give us more!!!

I love this podcast! It’s just the right amount of creepy without going overboard, and the stories are so crazy and interesting.

Yes ma’am!

Yaaas Queen! Ktown is my horror/trueCrime sugar mama!

Love it

Talk more about the dark web


I love this podcast! Please please please make the episodes longer because I can’t get enough of your storytelling. Thank you K-Town!

Love it!

By far my favorite podcast! (And I’ve tried a LOT of podcasts) SO glad you are putting out new content!!! Keep them coming!

When Demons Come

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dealt with this. I had to be put on medication because I was literally scared to lay down at night. It is absolutely terrifying. I’ve had auditory and visual hallucinations. It is beyond your wildest nightmares. Laying next to your significant other and not being able to move or scream while watching your partner soundly sleeping all the while not knowing that you are potentially coming face to face with a demon. 😳😳😳😳😳

Interesting and creepy!

I love K-Town’s voice! I appreciate the research you put into the pod.

Great addition

Great to see another K Town podcast!

Good stuff

K-town’s voice is mesmerizing and the subject matter is creepy and interesting. Very enjoyable podcast for both ASMR-style fans and horror/creepy Wikipedia fans.


Awesome podcast it keeps me going through out my work day keep up the awesome work


Such an awesome creepy podcast. Your voice makes it that much better! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!

I love this podcast

This is hands down my favorite spooky/true-crime podcast. So good and so so creepy! The episodes about the dark web are my fav and I think about it contstently.

Good, Scary Content :)

If you like being spooked, this will definitely live up to your expectations. Stories are creepy and disturbing! Perfect if you like to be spooked ! Listeners beware. Not for the faint of heart. :) thank you for this awesome podcast!


Super creepy but I love the story’s!

Really wish there were more

Love The X podcast and have listened to them all in one sitting. I like that they are true events. Great s voice and really good story reading too. I just really wish there were more of them to listen to. Thanks

Too scary!

I listened to part of one episode and ... nope! Too real. If you want creepy... you got it!

First episode is very good!

The first episode is highly enjoyable, something about a combination of the voice and tone makes it very creepy.

Favorite Podcast

I’m not really a huge podcast listener... this is the ONLY podcast I can get into. First of all, the person talking has the PERFECT voice for these kinds of stories and I can listen to them talk all day. Second, the stories are always intriguing and attention grabbing. Favorite podcast for road trips. 👻

Amazing, but short..

I love the information I love the hostess I love the podcast Hate the shortness Otherwise amazing

Love it

Please come out with new episodes.

I like the Voice!

From reading other reviews, you either like the narrator’s voice or hate it. I think it adds to the creepy tone of the stories, so I like it. It’s the scariest true crime podcast I listen to!


Love the stories they are so dark. Even thought hey are true it does help plot some new stories


Fantastic pls make more

Not enough!!!

MORE PLEASE...!!!!!! 😬